Learn the proven process on how to quickly publish your book...
AND create a 6-figure business off the back of your book.
Hi it's Michael Ebeling...

As a non-fiction literary agent for the past 25 years, I generally receive over 500 query letters and book proposals a month...

And on average, I generally spend less than 3 minutes on each one.

I reject over 99% of the queries I receive.

This means that I've turned down over 150,000 people during my career.

Let's face it...

One of the hardest parts about getting traditionally published is getting the agent's attention.

But what if you could get...

First hand from an experienced literary agent...

What makes us (literary agents) want to read your email query, open and read your proposal - including sample chapters, and consider representing your book?

Better yet...

What if you could get real talk from a real agent about the best way to publish your non-fiction book given your current situation as an author?

That's why I created....

And one of the big questions authors often ask me is...

"How do I get noticed or pulled out of the 'slush pile' when there is so much competition out there?"

Especially when traditional publishers no longer want to risk taking on authors who do not already have a large platform.
Choose Your Publishing Path Fast Track
And the best part is, you have a special opportunity to get instant access to it right here, right now.
In this training I reveal...
  • The most efficient and effective process for publishing a non-fiction book as a first-time author... With this approach, you CAN get your foot in the door and you'll never feel like the workings of the publishing industry are foreign to you.
  • Exactly how important having a platform is to getting your book published... it may not be what you think!
  • How to fulfill your dream of seeing your book on the shelves of a bookstore... even if you have a minimal platform and have not attracted the interest of an agent or publisher.
  • How to get published quickly... even if you have spent FOUR SOLID YEARS diligently trying to publish quality material. With this new approach, you no longer have to feel disheartened and fed up.
  • And much, much more.
And I walk you through the entire Publishing Made Easy Blueprint that you'll be getting access to, so you can see how you can apply everything towards quickly publishing your book...

Even if it has taken more time and effort to get a literary agent or publisher than it took to write the book...

Or you don't have a pre-existing audience or platform.
This 2-hour online training course will help you choose
the best publishing path AND the best publisher for your non-fiction book.
In this training we will cover:
  • The exact step-by-step process I've used to help dozens of my authors quickly publish their books and make 6 and 7-figure businesses using their book as a tool.
  • What specific traffic sources to focus on (and the small shift you can make today to dramatically increase your platform).
  • How to decide which publishing option is best for your book.
  • The 3 Publishing Insider's Secrets to getting published quickly and making money with your book.
  • The little-known (and counter-intuitive) approach that actually gets you MORE book sales on an ongoing basis.
Supporting You After The Training...
I also want to give you further support as you go through the process of publishing your non-fiction book. My goal is to give you everything you need to quickly publish your book.
Bonus #1:
My Recommendations for Publishers
I have worked with all of the top publishers in my career including Simon& Schuster, Random House, Penguin and Hay House and many hybrid publishers and self-publishing services too.

I will give you my top recommendations for your publishing path so you don't have to go out and do all of that research on your own.

And if your non-fiction book is a good fit for the publisher, I will be happy to make a personal introduction for you.

This bonus alone is worth $250.
Bonus #2:
Training Transcripts and PowerPoint Slides
After you have taken the training and are moving forward with publishing your book, you may have flash-backs about what was said during each step in the process and think to yourself: "Now how did Michael put that exactly?". Or maybe you learn better through reading or taking notes.

That's why I had the training transcribed and am making the PowerPoint slides available to you. This way, you don't have to look through all the videos to find that one piece of information.
Bonus #3:
Online Tool Recommendations
When it comes to building your platform and marketing and selling your book, authors have a lot of questions about what online tools will help them the most.

I will show you the online tools that have helped my authors create 6 and 7-figure businesses off the backs of their book.
Bonus #4:
15-Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Me
After you have finished the entire training, you might still have some questions about your book project. If these questions are keeping you from making decisions to help you quickly publish your book, I would be happy to answer a few questions via email. If it makes sense, we can schedule a 15-minute strategy call to help you navigate these "choppy" publishing waters.

This bonus alone is valued at well over $1,000. I consider this bonus to be priceless because of the 25 years of knowledge I have in this industry as a literary agent and a business manager for high profile authors. Most authors get little to no feedback from literary agents. And when they do provide feedback, it can be short, curt, and lacking any strategic guidance.

So authors end up chasing their books and book proposals down these "dark rabbit holes" with no idea of where they are heading. 

And no matter what your situation with your non-fiction book is, I can help guide you in the best direction for your book and show you how to succeed with it.

This means that I have your back.
Choose Your Publishing Path Fast Track
Once again, here is what is included:
  • The exact step-by-step process I've used to help dozens of my authors quickly publish their books and make 6-figure businesses using their book as a tool
    [Value $500]
  • Bonus #1: My recommendations for publishers
    [Value $250]
  • Bonus #2: Training Transcripts and PowerPoint Slides
    [Value $150]
  • Bonus #3: Online Tool Recommendations
    [Value $100]
  • Bonus #4: 15-Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Me
    [Value $1,000]
That makes the total value of this training $2,000. 

I've spent the past several years developing strategies to help aspiring authors quickly publish their book and sell thousands of copies...

Helping to build their name, their business, their book sales, and scaling their message – all while making 6-figures within the first year of publishing their book.

It's my goal to give authors everything they need to quickly publish their book...

And make money with it.

AND, I want to help as many Authors as possible with this process.
So I have made this training available for just $499.
And to make it even more accessible, you can access the training for just 3 payments of $197.

The only catch is...

I can only offer this while I have the time available for the 1-on-1 strategy calls.

And when my calendar fills up, I have to take this offer down.

So please sign up now while this special offer is still available.
Choose Your Publishing Path Fast Track
One Payment
of $499 (Save $92)
3 Payments
of just $197
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I'm confident you'll be happy with the Choose Your Publishing Path Fast Track training.

However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us at [email protected] within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Thank you,

Michael Ebeling

Here's what people are saying:
Elaine Lo
"This training is packed with information that many authors don't know. It helps authors to save time and money from trial and error and get onto the direct path of monetizing our messages. Michael's enthusiasm comes across through the screen."

Michelle Tierney
"Michael helped us understand what the publishing world really looks like and led us to the bright side when we first became authors. I'm so glad he was able to help us and help authors around the world to help readers on this planet! Thank you Michael!"

Daniel Ott
"I learned MUCH more about publishing than I expected to as I've been trying to get my book published for years. I enjoyed the training and it really does make it simpler for authors to focus their energy on something that works!"

Donna Mosher
"I wish I had this training when I first started trying to publish my book. It could have saved me years of frustration and feeling helpless about the whole process! He talks about things that no one else in the industry talks about."